Earnside Energy Secures Newstar Contract

Earnside to Recycle Retail Food Waste in Scotland

Earnside Energy Limited, the anaerobic digestion and in vessel composting operator, has secured a contract with Newstar Environmental Limited, the leading UK wide waste management company to process retail food waste in Scotland.  The food waste is collected by Earnside Energy and is recycled at its state-of-the-art anaerobic digestion facility at Glenfarg, Perthshire.

The Earnside Energy facility has been recently expanded and can now process 30,000 tonnes per annum of food waste, producing up to 2.3 MW of electrical power.  All of the food waste from the Newstar contract is depackaged in automated plants at the Earnside facility and then processed through the digesters.  The digesters convert the food waste into biogas, which is used to generate electricity, and a valuable liquid fertiliser called digestate.  The electricity is sold onto the national grid to power homes and businesses in Scotland.

Mick Fishwick, Director of Earnside Energy said, “We are delighted to have secured our first contract with Newstar Environmental and to be able to provide them with a valuable service in Scotland, recycling their food waste into energy and a high-quality fertiliser.”

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