Food Waste Scotland launched

The Binn Group and Earnside Energy launch new food waste service

Binn Group Ltd, the leading waste collection and recycling company in Scotland, and Earnside Energy Limited, the cutting-edge food waste anaerobic digestion and composting company, have come together to launch Food Waste Scotland.  Food Waste Scotland offers a unique solution in Scotland to deal with growing demand to recycle food waste.

It is now a legal obligation in Scotland that virtually all food waste producers must make the waste available for recycling, all part of the drive to remove organic waste from landfill and reduce the toxic, harmful impact on the environment.  Food Waste Scotland offers all food waste producers the reassurance of a service that will look after their every need, from initial assessment of what the customer requires, to provision of dedicated bins, to collection and finally processing of the food waste in a state of the art anaerobic digestion facility, where the food waste is recycled into electrical power and high-quality fertiliser.

Binn Group has recently invested in a new fleet of food waste collection vehicles, providing an efficient, clean collection service tailored to the needs of the customer.  At the same time, Earnside Energy has recently completed an expansion of its anaerobic digestion plant, now able to process 30,000 tonnes per annum of food waste and generate up to 2.3MW of electrical power which is exported on to the national grid to power homes and businesses in Scotland.

Commenting on the launch of Food Waste Scotland, Allan MacGregor, Chief executive of Binn Group said “We are delighted to launch Food Waste Scotland and offer our customers the highest quality service for their food waste needs.  With our new fleet of collection vehicles, our high standards of customer service and our long-established relationship with Earnside Energy, we believe we can make a significant contribution to the food waste recycling needs of Scotland.”

Mick Fishwick, Director at Earnside Energy said “We operate one of the best anaerobic digestion plants in the UK and have invested significantly to increase capacity to be able to offer a much-needed service in Scotland.  We have worked successfully for many years with The Binn Group and we are excited to launch this new venture together.”

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