What Do We Do?

At Food Waste Scotland we offer a complete national waste recycling service. From major cities in the Central Belt to villages across the Highlands, we offer an effective solution to suit your businesses needs.

Covering the length and breadth of Scotland, our national service means your business is never out of our reach. We have a dedicated customer service team and you will only have the one number that you will ever need to call.

We operate one of the most efficient licensed Anaerobic Digestion plants in the United Kingdom, with proven long-term reliability and capability. The energy that is created goes back into our community, and the chemical-free fertiliser is returned to the farms that grow the food we eat.

Nothing is wasted

All of the food waste that we collect is recycled. Nothing that we collect goes to landfill. We are a partnership between Scotland’s most progressive waste recycling organisation and one of the most efficient, proven, Anaerobic Digestion plants in the United Kingdom. Importantly we provide you with the certainty that you are not only complying with legislation, but are also reducing your landfill dependency.
This partnership provides the key link between our customers who need food waste to be collected and our Anaerobic Digestion plant that needs food waste to produce biogas and digestate for fertiliser.
Environmentally friendly
Our food waste collection vehicles have been specially designed to uplift your bins in the safest way possible.


Simple – We have a range of bin sizes available to suit your individual needs – ranging from 120ltr to 240ltr. Our team are more than happy to advise you on the optimum bin size to suit your organisation’s requirements.

Cost savings – By removing food waste from your general waste bin you will save money, and ensure your business is compliant with relevant waste laws and regulations.

Compliance – We can provide bin liners to ensure that your bins are kept hygienic and clean.
Support – Over the first few weeks of your service, we will work with you to ensure you have the correct size and number of bins in place.


Simple – We provide scheduled collections to meet your requirements and offer flexibility should your needs change.
Cost Savings – We deliver directly to Anaerobic Digestion, which ensures our food waste travels the minimum distance possible, reducing our carbon and environmental footprint.
Compliance – Using our industry experience we ensure that our service is fully compliant. From paperwork and collection, through to final disposal of your food waste, we provide a clear audit trail.
Support – Our customer service team can provide real-time collection information on request.


Simple – All of our documentation is completed electronically,  eliminating our need for paper, and reducing our environmental impact.
Cost Savings – Monthly reports demonstrate your recycling levels and allow you to track performance month-on-month.
Compliance – We provide an annual Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note for the food waste that we are collecting and a clear audit trail to prove compliance with Food Waste legislation.
Support – A dedicated food waste customer service team is on hand for any questions you may have.


Simple – Instead of being sent to landfill, your food waste is converted into renewable energy and nutrient rich digestate.

Cost Savings 
– You will achieve lower costs as you won’t incur landfill charges.

– Our partners Anaerobic Digestion plants are audited to demonstrate full compliance.

– We can provide advice and support to help you lower your collection and food waste disposal costs.

Food Waste Collection and Treatment FAQ’s

Can All Food Waste Types Be Accepted?

We can collect and treat packaged and unpackaged food waste. We can also collect all category 3 animal by-products.

We are not able to collect food presented in tins or glass, but primary packaged food waste in plastic or cardboard can be accepted.

We can also accept small bones (fish and chicken). Liquids are also accepted within your bin as long as they are mixed with other food waste.

If you’re in any doubt about what can, or cannot be collected we’re here to help. We will work with you to ensure that we develop the right solution to suit your needs.

What Happens If The Wrong Materials Get Put In The Recycling Bin?

It is important that food waste is properly segregated however small amounts of contamination like glass or plastic, can be handled without any issue. General waste cannot be taken though and drivers will reject bins that have excessive levels of contamination.


What Types of Containers Will Be Provided?

We will provide you with an external wheelie bin for your food waste.

The standard container sizes are 120, 180 or 240 litres.

Food waste by its nature is normally heavy. By keeping the waste in smaller bins we can ensure that it is a safe weight for collection.

This also ensures that your staff are not moving containers of an unsafe weight.

What Is The Policy For Filling Bins?

We request customers do not fill our bins to the brim. Due to the nature of the waste, when they are tilted for tipping this means excess fluid or waste can fall out. A full bin also means a very heavy bin – which causes a health and safety issue. Each of our bins is clearly marked with a fill line to help you know when to stop adding to it.

Collection Times And Frequency.

What Are The Typical Frequencies That Bins Can Be Emptied?

When you advise us of your location we will be able to tell you how frequently we can service your business, but we visit most cities and large towns multiple times a week.

Are There Typical Collection Times?

Our rounds are completed throughout the day starting from early morning. All our vehicles operate live tracking throughout the day so we can provide you with a collection ETA on the day of your scheduled visit. If you have a specific requirement, please let us know as our operations team will work with you to facilitate your needs.

Resolving Issues

How Will You Communicate Over Day-To-Day Issues?

Our dedicated customer service team is available between 8:30am-5pm. We also offer customers a dedicated help desk outside of these hours including weekends, so can action your queries no matter what the time of day or night. Communication will be either by phone call or email – whichever method is easier for you. Our customer service team work closely with our operations team to ensure we can resolve any issues, and actions are fully reported to the appropriate person within your business.

What Is The Process For Reporting Missed Bin Collections?

We pride ourselves in taking a proactive approach in communicating any missed bin collections to our customers. We realise how important it is that we consistently collect your waste food. In the instance we cannot attend, we will always seek to resolve the situation within 24 hours.

Reputable Contractor

Does The Contractor Have A Waste Carriers License? Are We Compliant?

Earnside Energy holds all the necessary licenses and permits that are required to legally operate. We are compliant with all animal bi-product regulations and have all the appropriate waste carrier licenses. All of our certificates are available online and we can also email or post them to you for your records. You will be provided with an annual Duty of Care note in line with current legislation and a Waste Collectors Note after each collection

Contract Changes

Amendments To The Original Contract

When implementing a new service we understand your business will not be able to determine your exact requirements when it comes to food waste disposal. We can offer expert advice to find an initial solution and then work with you to ensure we find the right bin quantity and collection frequency for the service to be efficient and simple.

All our bins are weighed so we can assess your requirements within the first month of service, and fine-tune container quantities if they are needed. We would aim to make amendments to your contract within this month. Unlike many other service providers, you will not be tied into keeping the originally agreed service throughout your contract with us. We pride ourselves on flexibility and adapting to meet our customer’s genuine needs.


Will I Be Charged By Weight Or For Each Time The Bin Is Emptied?

Your bin price will be based on an agreed maximum weight per collection. All bins are weighed so we can assess your requirements to ensure our service is cost effective for your business every time.

What Additional Items And Services Can Be Offered For An Extra Charge?

The set bin lift rate includes:

  • Container provided for collection
  • Liner after each collection
  • Annual duty of care compliance
  • Container rental costs

In most cases, if a bin becomes extremely dirty we can offer a bin cleaning service although this would be at an additional charge. We can also help find methods for transporting your waste to the external bins (caddies/smaller clear bags) although this is not included within the standard collection rates.

Is There A Discount Rate For Additional Bins?

Your pricing will be based on the number of bins at your premises – the more bins, the cheaper the cost. We base our pricing model on your location and the cost of disposal in your region.

Is There A Cost Increase Annually/After The First Year?

Unlike landfill which has been incurring tax increases year on year, Anaerobic Digestion (AD) produces energy and is an environmentally friendly and cheaper option for your food waste. Due to this fact, our customers enjoy a much more cost-effective and greener solution.

Ensuring Staff Understand How To Use The Scheme. 

Is Training Or Advice Offered To Staff / Are Communications Materials Provided?

We can provide literature and information tailored to your sites requirements to help the implementation of our food waste service. For large contracts, we provide a dedicated account manager who will work with your business to ensure the information you need is presented in a way that works for you. As well as literature, we can also provide workshops and on-site training where required. In any case, our dedicated customer service team can answer any queries or questions you may have.

We can provide: posters, bin signage and other useful templates to help you communicate with staff – all free of charge.

For All Enquiries:

Telephone – 01577 830833

Email – web-enquiries@binngroup.co.uk

Website – www.binngroup.co.uk

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